Types of heating & cooling

We install a wide range of appliances into residential & commercial environments. Below, is a brief overview of the different types of appliances and their features. We’re here to help, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Gas Ducted Heating

Wouldn’t it be nice to go from room to room in your house, and be warm and comfortable in every room. Gas ducted heating can achieve this for you.

Gas ducted heating includes a heating unit that is connected to insulated ductwork and branches, that carries warm air to a number of outlets. Depending on your house, the outlets may be in the ceiling, or if you have adequate space under the floor, the outlets are in the floor. A thermostat keeps the temperature at the comfortable level you set.

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There is a large range of heating units available. From small models, to suit units and small houses, to larger models to suit big houses.
All gas heaters sold in Australia have energy rating labels. or star ratings. There are many models available including 3 star, 4 star, 5 star and now 6 star models. The more stars the heater has, the more energy you save. Hence cheaper running costs.
With gas ducted heating you can have your whole house warm and cosy. However, if there are times some areas are not being used, who not consider zoning your system to reduce energy consumption and save money on your running costs. Some zoning systems also give you the option of having different temperatures in different areas of your home.
One very handy option is a programmable controller. Imagine your heater turning on automatically and warming your house before you wake up in the morning. Wouldn’t that be nice. Most programmable controllers allow you to set the heater to turn on and off automatically twice a day, so you can also come home from work to a lovely warm house.
All the warm air that blows out of the outlets, is first drawn through the return air grille. By having the option of a filter in your return air grille, it helps remove any dust in the air. Just remember to keep the filter clean.

With a new gas ducted heating system, you have the option of adding a fully integrated air conditioner that also provides cool air through the same ductwork and outlets. With add-on refrigerated air conditioning you need larger, better insulated ductwork and larger outlets. So it is important to have the system sized correctly. If you can’t afford to add the air conditioning on at the same time, you can have the ductwork, branches and outlets sized for the future.

If you have an existing gas ducted heater, it may be possible to add refrigerated air conditioning, but most of the ductwork, branches and outlets will need to be upgraded.

Evaporative Cooling

Have you ever been to the beach on a hot day and wondered why you feel cooler. As hot air blows across the water, it causes some of the water to evaporate and absorb the heat. This evaporation process cools the air and you can achieve the same feeling of a “sea breeze” in your own home.

An evaporative cooling unit sits on your roof and is connected to a series of ducts, branches and outlets. The cooling unit draws fresh air through moistened pads, is cooled and filtered and blows out through the outlets in your home. Just like a sea breeze in your own house.

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  • It’s 100% fresh clean air
  • An inexpensive way to cool your whole house
  • Windows and doors can be left open allowing you to enjoy summer and an outdoor lifestyle
  • Very low running costs
  • Won’t dry out the air, or irritate your skin, eyes or throat
  • Ideal for asthma and hay fever suffers
  • You can also run the cooler on fan only, blowing out any stale air any time of the year
A winter seal sits at the bottom of the cooler and shuts off any air flow when the cooler is turned off. This prevents any drafts blowing through the cooler on a windy day and also prevents heat loss through the cooler in winter.
Evaporative coolers come in a range of sizes and colours. We will measure your home and draw a scale plan. Then we can size and design a system to suit your needs.
These systems ensure that the cooler maintains clean, fresh water in the system while the cooler is being used. And when the cooler is turned off, the water is drained out of the tank, to leave it clean and dry. When the cooler is turned on again, it will refill with fresh water.
You can fit your evaporative cooler with a programmable controller so you can set the cooler to turn on or off by itself. You can drift off to sleep on a hot night, knowing the cooler will turn off at the time you have set.

Refrigerated (Reverse Cycle) Air Conditioning

When many people think of air conditioning, they often think of it as cooling only. But air conditioning systems (reverse cycle) can provide cooling and heating through the same unit. There are many models/options available with refrigerated (reverse cycle) air conditioners.
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A split system comprises of an outdoor condenser connected via refrigeration pipe work and wiring to an indoor head. The indoor head is most commonly a high wall hung unit, but there are also ceiling cassettes, floor standing units, bulkhead conceal types, and ceiling suspended consoles. With inverter technology they are energy efficient and quiet in operation.

Multi split systems are also available, so you can have two, three, four or more indoor units connected to just one outdoor condenser.

There are many sizes and models to choose from. We can help you select the unit that will best suit your needs.

Most single head split systems have a star rating. Again, the more stars the more energy efficient the air conditioner is.
Refrigerated (reverse cycle) air conditioners are also available as ducted systems. There is an outdoor condenser, connected to a fan coil (in the roof or under the floor) which is ducted to outlets through out your home.These systems can provide both heating and cooling. They can also be zoned, depending in your needs.
In Melbourne, a good combination is to have a gas ducted heater together with an integrated add-on air conditioning, using the same ductwork and outlets.This is simple to do when installing an entire new system. The ductwork, branches and outlets can then be sized and installed to suit your home.

If you have any existing gas ducted heater, it may be possible to add on refrigerated air conditioning, but generally the ductwork, branches and outlets need to be upgraded.

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